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The Importance of Wearing Heavy Metals as a Yogi

<h1> The Importance of Wearing Heavy Metals as a Yogi <h1>

Powerful in grounding us, the Kriya bangle is helpful in deflecting negative energies and astrological influences while supportive in keeping our aura strong, increasing concentration, focus, health and vitality.

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Kundalini; the serpent power

Kundalini; the serpent power

The Serpent energy

 The serpent in tantric tradition represents Kundalini. Kundalini is an energy that is inherent  in all of us. It represents our infinite potential of being.

She is the feminine creative energy also known as shakti. This energy lies dormant at the base of the spine, until it is awakened. Kundalini is coiled like a snake 3.5 times, the half representing infinity no ending and movement towards greater and greater expansion, reminding us that this energy represents our own infinite nature.

Once kundalini is awakened she rises upward along the spine, making her way through each chakra, clearing any blocked energy and revealing our greatest truths, balancing until she eventually reaches the crown. When this potent energy has reached the crown chakra a deep experience of unity occurs and our consciousness expands. This is where we experience our limitless nature. Our creative potential is unleashed. Great vision can download and our power to manifest that vision becomes effortless as we are working in synch with the nature or a “higher power.”

Kundalini energy is the mother energy she is like a sweet dance of ecstacy, rising like the cobra, she is the vessel from which the goddess awakens. She allows us to experience greater states of bliss and all sensual aspects of life. Through the practice of meditation, kriya and breath we are able to awaken kundalini and integrate it into our daily lives so we can live  to the fullest potential.


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Sri Yantra: The Mother Yantra

<h1>Sri Yantra: The Mother Yantra<h1>

The Sri Yantra, is a sacred geometric diagram or mandala used in Tantra and other spiritual traditions and contains the energy of the Goddess. The Sri Yantra is composed of nine interlocking triangles that form a central point or bindu. The bindu represents the point of stillness. The triangles are arranged in a specific pattern, with the central triangle pointing downwards representing the feminine and the others pointing upwards representing the masculine.

The Sri Yantra is considered a symbol of the universe and the divine feminine energy or Shakti. Each of the nine triangles represents a different aspect of the cosmos, including the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, and ether), the sun and moon, and the cosmic powers of creation, preservation, and dissolution.

The Sri Yantra is often used in meditation and ritual practices to help the practitioner connect with the sacred feminine and achieve spiritual awakening. It is believed to have a powerful and transformative energy that can help to clear the mind, balance the chakras, and promote healing and well-being and atune one to the value of abundance.

By wearing the Sri Yantra one can invoke this energy within their physical being and in their daily life. 

 Click the image to explore our Sri Yantra collection

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What are Vedic Gemstones? Why are they used?

<h1>What are Vedic Gemstones? Why are they used?</h1>


Vedic gemstones are precious and semi precious natural gemstones from the Earth. They are used to enhance and support planetary energies within our lives, as according to our individual birth chart. Vedic gemstones are referred to as Ratna’s, and they are one of the primary remedies or ‘upayas’ in Vedic Astrology. 


They are used to elevate one’s overall wellbeing but magnetizing and magnifying a high value presence of planets that are supportive in an individual's jyotish chart.


Each gemstone holds the potency and vibration of its corresponding planet. They have the ability to infuse the wearer with those qualities. To wear a Vedic gemstone, is to enhance the presence of the planet, refine your understanding of it’s highest invitation, and then radiate it outward into the experience of your life. 


Each planet has a corresponding precious and semi precious gemstone. And as they are worn for very specific reason, there is a potent and prescribed way of wearing each stone. Including the way in which the stone is set, metal it must be set in, and the finger it is worn on. We recommend that each stone for Jyotish purposes are of at least 2 carats. And the deeper and clearer the stone, the stronger it’s potency. 


The Vedic gemstones are to be set in such a way that the back is open, so the light may shine through the stone, and hit your skin directly beneath. The light activates the stone and is transmuted through the stone’s energy, moving into direct contact with you. As mentioned, each stone has a finger related to a planet, but on the left hand is a more internal embodiment, while wearing the stone on the right will be a more outward experience. 


The following is each planet and it’s stones as well as the finger it should be worn on. 



Sun: Ruby or Garnet

  • Finger: Ring Finger
  • Setting: Yellow Gold


Moon: Pearl or Moonstone 

  • Finger: Pinky. 
  • Setting: Silver or White Gold


Mars: Red Coral or Carnelian

  • Finger: Ring Finger.
  • Setting: Yellow Gold

Mercury: Emerald or Jade

  • Finger: Pinky. 
  • Setting: Yellow Gold

Venus:  Diamond  or Clear Quartz


  • Finger: Middle
  • Setting: Platinum or Silver


Jupiter:  Yellow Sapphire or Yellow Citrine 

  • Finger: Index
  • Setting: Yellow Gold


Saturn: Blue Sapphire or Amethyst

  • Finger: Middle
  • Setting: White Gold or Silver


Rahu: Hessonite or Agate - worn on the dispositor finger.*

Ketu: Cat’s Eye or Tiger’s Eye - worn on the dispositor finger.*


*As Rahu and Ketu do not have a finger, they can be worn on the finger of the planet whose sign they are placed in. 


Vedic gemstones are a supremely supportive technology for the experience of unity and alignment with nature. They are used in harmony with one’s highest evolution and truly imbue the wearer with an elevated frequency. The Sattva Collection Jyotish Gems are hand-dipped in the Mother Ganga infused with its sacredness and divine intention. Email us to learn what gemstone is right for you.






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How Do You Feel When Wearing Your Sri Yantra?

<h1>How Do You Feel When Wearing Your Sri Yantra?</h1>

How Do You Feel Wearing Your Sri Yantra?

The Sri Yantra – “mother of all yantras,” a beautiful representation of all creation – is a sacred geometric diagram formed by nine different triangles. These triangles interlock and radiate from the center dot outward, representing the point of infinity/totality – the masculine and the feminine uniting as one.  I often refer to the Sri Yantra as a golden chariot that leads one inside the essence of being.  It is the universe in abstract form, the material nature; in other words, the Divine Mother -- who holds the power which creates, sustains, and dissolves everything that there is to experience.  Because of this, the Sri Yantra gives us a powerful representation of the divine feminine within ourselves.  As a young woman who is invariably cultivating her own Shakti nature, wearing an expression of the Sri Yantra symbol, as a Gold pendant, invokes the own divine feminine I have within me, to rise.

Throughout the last couple of years, I have found myself holding back from my creative and compelling nature. Instead of empowering and expressing myself honestly, without fear, I held back.  I avoided creating space for allowing the best version of who I could be living as, to emerge.  On a mildly hot afternoon, as I stood in a yoga gathering in my community at home, I immersed myself amongst a group of people that were brilliantly shining their light outward in such a manner I had never become aware of before. The way they spoke, sang, danced, and moved flowed like an infinite body of water. It seemed that the universe was expressing itself right through them – and I knew deep down, that it indeed was.  What I gained from these experiences was a movement forward to waking up and realizing my infinite potential in being. The Sri Yantra pendant is powerful in the way that it serves as a reminder of the immense courage, inspiration, awareness, willingness, and illuminating wisdom that lies throughout every inch of our being. 

 Whenever one wears these precious gems or metals, they become charged with the energy that one carries - the energy that one wants to manifest.  When I bought my pendant, near the end of my yoga teacher training, the substantial relationship I had with what it represents, began to intensify. I became aware of this during yoga classes, meditations, and especially while swimming in the sacred waters of the Ganga river.  The relation I had to the Sri Yantra began to expand in all directions. My eyes soon spotted elements everywhere I went in nature that would resemble the Sri Yantra; such as the petals of a pink rose falling outward.  I would see it on the outer layer of a rock, or sometimes in the form that the trees took from afar on the mountain's surface.  A mosaic made of broken stone on the streets of India would portray a geometric pattern of the same constitution as the Sri Yantra.  All of this would draw a closeness and humbleness in my heart.  During these moments, without thought interfering, my palms moved towards my own Sri Yantra pendant that hangs right over my Anāhata chakra.

When I wear my pendant, a sensation of empowerment floods through me. I don’t see it as something that I materially need, but a unique and sacred piece of precious jewelry that I can wear with grace and serenity.  A divine ornament decorating the heart of the Goddess inside - a gem that holds its value and presence within me wherever it is that I go.  



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Sacred Jewelry- The Conscious Diva Podcast

<h1>Sacred Jewelry- The Conscious Diva Podcast</h1>

Learn about the power of wearing sacred symbols and intentional jewelry in this interview on The Conscious Diva Podcast where our co-founder Annemarie is interviewed by Tatyana Wright. They speak about gemstones, symbols, sacred ritual and the intention behind our brand

Click here:

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Understanding Vedic Astrology and Astrological Gems for Support and Healing

Understanding Vedic Astrology and Astrological Gems for Support and Healing

Jyotish means, the Science of Light, also known as the eye of the Veda. Veda is the knowledge of one’s self. Jyotish is the light of oneself which is in time. Every Jiva, is an expression of the cosmic self. The origin of Jyotish stems from the Yog-Vedantic tradition dated anywhere from 4000-12000 years go. 

Jyotish helps us see who we are and reveals the possibility of evolution of the jiva, atman (soul), it is used as a tool to refine and become more illuminated.

Jyotish is a fundamental part of the Yoga-Vedantic tradition. At the moment of birth we look at the placement of all the planets, 27 nakshatras, and constellations, it’s the cosmic seed which holds the memory. When we look at ones birth chart, one is able to understand the movement of the individual self within time; gain insight into relevant knowledge and gain spiritual maturity. We can use the information to support us in using this time in its highest expression possible. We gain a greater understanding  of ourselves and our own karmic footprint. By gaining greater insight into your own karmic footprint, you can elegantly be in tune with your own flow of life, where you need to evolve, surrender and take a stand.

 Gemstones serve as remedies, they are worn as a magnifier to enhance a certain planetary energy. Just like a supplement that we take, gemstones are naturally occurring and come from the womb of the earth. They act like a magnet, therefore, whatever planetary energy or quality we want to enhance, the gemstone becomes a support tool, an energetic supplement. Gemstones channel certain frequency like a radio.

 The Sattva Collection is honored to serve and provide gems that are of jyotish quality to support you on your path. To schedule your gemstone consult or vedic astrology reading email

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Come to center

Come to center

It is a new year and a time to set intentions, or what we call in Sanskrit a sankalpa. Its important to set conscious intention, ones that are evolutionary and arise from the heart. In order to invoke the support of nature in the manifesting of these intentions we must have a solid daily meditation practice. Meditation not only provides us a pathway to higher state of consciousness it also plays an important role in stabilizing our nervous system.

In these times, we are constantly moving, our nervous systems are becoming unbalanced and agitated, the mind busy. It is necessary for us to take time to slow down and experience our steadfast center and allow ourselves the opportunity to connect to something greater. Through the practice of meditation we are able to stabilize our nervous system, transcend thought patterns and limiting beliefs, which leads us to be in a more receptive state to experience our higherself. As women it is especially important for us to cultivate a daily meditation practice as it gives us greater access to the infinite power that we naturally harness, it is this power that has manifesting power. Doing a daily practice meditation is not only benefical for us, but benefical for all the people in our lives. 

So, create space, just 20 minutes each morning to sit and come to stillness and breathe. 

Namaste and blessings for an abundant 2019!

To learn mantra based meditation techniques email us at



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Connecting to the Divine Feminine through Sacred Rituals

Connecting to the Divine Feminine through Sacred Rituals

Sacred rituals are conscious practices done to invoke grace and devotion, correct energy, and connect with the elements.  There is incredible power in practicing daily rituals in our lives. As women it is especially power to practice rituals as we are tuning into our natural grace and shakti (the feminine creative impulse of the universe). Practicing rituals brings us into a supreme state of receptivity. There are different types of rituals, some as simple as lighting incense or a candle in your home during sunrise and sunset to attune to the energy of the sun, as well as invoke inner illumination. Blessing your food before you eat it is also a beautiful ritual. Creating sacred space in your home is a beautiful place to start if you would like to bring more ritual into your life. An alter can face east, you can put anything that is important or sacred to you on it such as a murti or yantra, candle, picture, crystal or feather. This is a space that should feel good, where you can create a positive vibration and drop into silence easily.  



In India each day we do a personal puja, which can be performed in one’s home each morning to attune to the energy of the goddess and refine one’s consciousness, taking on her qualities. Puja is a ritual that brings us into a state of receptivity, receptive to the state of grace because grace is ever present. Puja allows us to offer our love back to existence, to connect to the vertical love which frees. The puja consists of different offerings of the elements- earth, water, air and fire, to the goddess along with a specific sequence of mantras to invoke her qualities. We do these offerings to the goddess, as she is an extension of our own self. It’s a beautiful way to start the day, in a space of devotion love and surrender.


Look out for online courses soon about ritual and puja!









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