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Experiencing the Inner Goddess and Embodying Her

Experiencing the Inner Goddess and Embodying Her

What does it mean to experience one’s inner goddess?  How do you embody the goddess?

It may arise within you as if it were a morning sunrise or even a powerful wave crashing against the shore of the ocean with force — yet maintaining incredible grace and silence.  This is the divine feminine - one’s inner goddess. read more

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Gemstone Of The week- Tourmaline

Gemstone Of The week- Tourmaline

The name “Tourmaline” is rooted in the Sinhalese word, ‘turamali,’ meaning “unknown gemstones of mixed colors.” Tourmaline is one of the few gemstones that evoke a genuine vibration of happiness and lightness of being. read more

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Healing with Gems: Gemstone of the Week Rose Quartz

Healing with Gems: Gemstone of the Week Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz


If you’re seeking to embody unconditional love and compassion, then rose quartz is right for you!


              A beautiful, pink-hued member of the quartz family, rose quartz is traditionally associated with romanticism and can be used to cultivate a deeper sense of love. Connecting with your higher consciousness opens opportunities for love to present itself in all areas of your life.


This stone is incredibly important because it supports intuition, spirituality, and the opening of the heart chakra. It is important to keep one’s heart clear and open: Since the heart chakra is the 4th chakra, it acts as a bridge between the upper and lower chakras to create a space of healing.


Quartz stones are known for their power to amplify high energies and their talent for cleansing negative emotions that are building up inside. When needing new perspectives on a situation, or needing to forgive, rose quartz offers a perspective that approaches everything with love. When dealing with trauma, rose quartz can be used to calm your emotions and introduce more love to your thoughts. Creating deeper connections, and reestablishing trust, are also actions that can be developed using the power of rose quartz.


Rose quartz can be used to heal heart diseases and assist with blood circulation. Skin problems may be resolved. Depression, anxiety, and other mental struggles may be helped: For example, sleep will be aided by its soothing effects.  


It is especially useful for tackling grief and loss. Placing a small rose quartz in one’s pocket will help with overcoming the challenges of everyday life, and to move past them with love.  


              When feelings of self-love and self-respect are needed, call in rose quartz’s high vibrations to reflect compassion and understanding. Self-forgiveness may easily be cultivated with this intense stone. The feminine energy associated with rose quartz is especially supported by the Sattva Collection.


Embrace your beauty through rose quartz. By embodying your Divine Feminine, the vibrations of love are supporting you.

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Healing with Gems: Gemstone of the Week Amethyst

Healing with Gems: Gemstone of the Week Amethyst


The beautiful violet stone, Amethyst, belongs to the quartz family. It is associated with the crown chakra for its color and connection on a spiritual level. This stone aids in achieving spiritual goals, becoming in tune with your inner self, and strengthens psychic abilities. It purifies the mind and can be used as a natural stress-reliever.


It is also a protective stone -- it is able to rid the body of unwanted feelings that may be caused by negative emotions. In order to observe its effects, it is best to place amethyst in a space that needs purification and the elimination of negative energy. It aids in good communication due to its sense of calming and confidence it provides. Amethyst also strengthens intuition, so placing this stone in an office or workspace will assist in tough decision-making and will relieve stress at work! When placed in a bedroom, insomnia can be resolved due to amethyst’s ability to calm and impose stillness.


In Greek, the word “amethyst” translates to “not drunken.” This is commonly used as evidence for its ability to break unhealthy addictions, like alcoholism and drug-abuse.  Amethyst’s nature is to dispel negative energy, mental and physical, and can be used in ways that promote physical health. For example, it has the ability to support the immune system in battles against sickness. By promoting a sense of tranquility and stillness, it is also a perfect meditation aid that assists in the calming of one’s thoughts.


If you need a stone that is going to assist in altering and balancing your spirituality, intuition, or state of consciousness, then amethyst is right for you! It is a spiritual helper that can be used to protect, heal, and aid in sleep and meditation. It brings a deeper sense of peace, wisdom, and heightened spirituality.


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Life As Service

Life As Service

Life as Service

A beautiful blog from one of our ambassadors Peggy Beim


Service can feel like a huge production when we think it has to look a certain way. When it becomes a behavior that we do because we think we have to in order to be a good person, the essence of service is lost. 


Seva, or service, in Sanskrit refers to an act of selfless service which is performed with no expectation of gain or return. 


Read: you get nothing back! You simply give this energy to the collective. 


Seva doesn’t mean volunteering for 1 week a year, snapping a bunch of pictures for Facebook and putting this experience on a resume to get a certain job. 


Seva is a way of showing up each day, every moment. It is a frequency that you vibrate. And when you act from a vibration of seva, these behaviors no longer feel like service. They become an effortless way of moving through the world. 


Buy a friend coffee. Not so you can feel good about yourself but because you love your friend. Hold the door for a stranger. Not to brag about being a nice person but because it warms your heart. Pause for a moment of gratitude. Not to ask for more in your life but because you appreciate what you have. Wish everyday for all beings to experience freedom from suffering, “lokah samasta sukhino bhavantu”. Not because you don’t want to suffer but because you have the power to heal others with your thoughts. Say a prayer at night. Not because it’s an obligation but because you have a deep reverence for the power of prayer. Smile at the woman who serves your lunch. Not because you feel bad for her but because you see God (read: source, nature, consciousness) in her eyes. Go out of your way to return a lost credit card. Not because you believe it will better your karma but because you know what it feels like to lose a credit card and it brings you joy to heal the worry of another. 


True service comes from the heart, not the mind. 


Real service is being done when no one knows what you’re up to. There are no bragging rights, no rewards and no personal benefits.   


Beyond all these small acts of service, the biggest thing you can do to serve this world is doing the work. Your work! 


Devote yourself to yourself. Take the time to heal your wounds, dedicate yourself to a practice, break down your walls, invite in love and raise your deserving power. Never take credit for your own light, rather become so clear that divine light radiates through you. Healing yourself is the first step to healing the world. Self-care, and service to self, is the greatest service you can do for the world. 

When change happens on an individual level, we change the world. Align with your dharma. 

What are your unique gifts? What lights up your soul? 


What is your part in elevating the collective experience?


This is the most important thing for you discover and, from this place, your unique form of service will effortlessly emerge. 


Never lose sight of this in exchange for doing something that “feels” like service. Never step into a serving role just to say you “serve”. 


Align with your highest self- through asana, meditation, pranayama, chanting, and whatever other spiritual practices light up your soul- and invite seva to be your mode of operation.

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Join Us for an Evolutionary Yoga Event November 7-13 in India!

Join Us for an Evolutionary Yoga Event November 7-13 in India!

Join us for an evolutionary yoga event!

The word Sattva means truth, balance, wholeness. It is at the core of who we truly are. As individuals we strive to return to that space of wholeness. We become so immersed in the “busy”ness of our lives that we oftentimes loose contact who we are, as we are constantly moving and doing.

Disconnecting from the normal “routine” and taking a journey to a new place provides a great opportunity for evolution. Also, Offering the body the opportunity to slow down and harmonize with nature and return to “Sattva” or come to stillness is quite healing. In the stillness the inspiration flows.

Choosing India as a place to visit has been one that I hold immense gratitude for. It is here that I discover a deeper understanding of my truth. I first journeyed here in 2014 and now call it home. One of the things I enjoy most about spending my time in Rishikesh at Sattva is meeting yogis from all over the world. Having a Sangha, or “community” is so important when you are on this path. When we are together with one common intention to evolve it creates a powerful energy that can be life changing. Choosing to attend an event or gathering provides a great opportunity to connect with people you wouldn’t otherwise meet. As one of the teachers at The Sattva Summit, I look forward to sharing the teachings, tapping into joy and time together as a Sangha in this sacred land!

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Look to the Supermoon

Look to the Supermoon

Syncing to Mother Moon



Wherever you may be at this very moment, you are connected to powerful earthly and celestial forces.


The moon is one of these great gravitational forces that keeps our planet and bodies synchronously connected.  The moon control’s the tide of our oceans, influences our sleep patterns, the female menstrual cycle and has even inspired ancient cultural rituals and calendars.


The new moon, the first phase of the moon, marks a time for renewal.  As it waxes, increasing in fullness through the month, so too, can your spiritual practices and personal intentions. In the Hindu culture, the day of the new moon is called, Amayasya. It is devoted to fasting and discarding old habits.  Imagine the ‘weight’ you could shed each cycle if you began the new moon by cleansing yourself of the old, tired habits and begin manifesting your own truth. We are called to do this in different ways.


Your energy will begin to shift during the expression of the full moon.  The intensity can be overwhelming for some and it is important to let yourself be ignited by the lunar shift. Pay attention to your movement both spiritually and physically and allow yourself to witness adjustments in your attitude, it could be the change you were looking for. On the flip side, if you are clinging to the present and avoiding change, remember the moon has a monthly cycle for great reasons and you too are metamorphosing in just the right way. Ask yourself the hard questions under the full moon, this is your time to confront the desires that lie within you.


The waning moon is three to seven days after the full moon and is lit halfway by the sun, quietly decreasing in luminosity.  During the waning moon, settle any disputes that may be lingering and make amends with those who cause tension in your life.  There is a creative consciousness you can tap into underneath this moon’s dimming light. It calls for effort as you nourish ideas and reveal them in action.


You, like the moon, are moving with mother earth’s transition. This cycle reminds us we are never stuck, there are always choices in our lives, and sometimes the micro movements of these practices can lead to monumental growth down the road.  


Channel the moon’s energy





Chandra is a lunar deity in Hindu, representing the inner light of the mind.  The brilliance that we each carry within us gives us the ability to see the light in others and during the new moon and full moon are two powerful times of the month to focus inward on our light and create space for others in order to invite collaboration and action-oriented goal setting.


Yogini gatherings are powerful ay any time and especially under the fullness of the full moon. Bringing your female warriors together actually magnifies your manifestations and allows for greater abundance to procure between your collaborative energies.  Invite your girlfriends over for group meditation and joining in calm exchanges of plans to renew yourselves this full moon. This is a good time to talk about any new ideas you have been having but need a safe space to discuss them openly, giving them a chance to grow under the moonlit sky.



Write it Out


I strongly believe in the power of the pen and for this exercise I would encourage stream of consciousness expression. I find that the deep desires and honesty can come out when you detach from the concrete ideas of order, so let your writing instrument be guided by the influx of passion, fears and emotion ready to be released!  After 20-30 minutes of expression you can reflect on what has developed on the page and spend some more time in the morning, as the moon is still robust with light to expound upon what ideas and insight you have uncovered.



Yogic Expression


Allow your mind and body to be receptive of the inner tide the moon has influence over.  Make room for yourself under the sky on a rooftop, patio, mountain side, in the desert sand or ocean enclave.  Focus on nothing but the reflective light between you and Chandra. Practice yoga if it calls to you, finding a flow that is intuitive to your body at that very moment and allow your heart to reach closer to the ground in adho mukha svanasana (downward dog).  Continue your movement through a calming flow that leads you upright into tadasana (mountain pose) with arms outstretched.  Channel the light of the moon directly into your being as you breathe ever so deeply into this moment you are reclaiming as your own.


The full moon is notorious for arousing wild antics in both animals and humans. Whether these can be tied to the moon or not it is a radical time to allow your kundalini (primal energy) to flow freely!  Let your body guide your limbs as the mind watches in delight.  The release will open up your crown chakra and clarity will begin to take on physical forms in your life moving forward.  


To take full advantage of this remarkable natural event allow space for your intentions this month to become fully realized by opening to one or more of these practices under the full moon. Enjoy and embrace the prolific changes!

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