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Understanding Vedic Astrology and Astrological Gems for Support and Healing

Understanding Vedic Astrology and Astrological Gems for Support and Healing

Jyotish means, the Science of Light, also known as the eye of the Veda. Veda is the knowledge of one’s self. Jyotish is the light of oneself which is in time. Every Jiva, is an expression of the cosmic self. The origin of Jyotish stems from the Yog-Vedantic tradition dated anywhere from 4000-12000 years go. 

Jyotish helps us see who we are and reveals the possibility of evolution of the jiva, atman (soul), it is used as a tool to refine and become more illuminated.

Jyotish is a fundamental part of the Yoga-Vedantic tradition. At the moment of birth we look at the placement of all the planets, 27 nakshatras, and constellations, it’s the cosmic seed which holds the memory. When we look at ones birth chart, one is able to understand the movement of the individual self within time; gain insight into relevant knowledge and gain spiritual maturity. We can use the information to support us in using this time in its highest expression possible. We gain a greater understanding  of ourselves and our own karmic footprint. By gaining greater insight into your own karmic footprint, you can elegantly be in tune with your own flow of life, where you need to evolve, surrender and take a stand.

 Gemstones serve as remedies, they are worn as a magnifier to enhance a certain planetary energy. Just like a supplement that we take, gemstones are naturally occurring and come from the womb of the earth. They act like a magnet, therefore, whatever planetary energy or quality we want to enhance, the gemstone becomes a support tool, an energetic supplement. Gemstones channel certain frequency like a radio.

 The Sattva Collection is honored to serve and provide gems that are of jyotish quality to support you on your path. To schedule your gemstone consult or vedic astrology reading email

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