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          About Us

          About Us

          Sattva means whole, complete, truth. It is a way of living, a way of being. When we are living a Sattvic lifestyle we experience a full life, one of inspiration, expansion, light and abundance. We spark the re-awakening of our wearers to their deepest soul wisdom, and empower them to live their most vibrant, expansive life when wearing our objects of beauty. Through an inspired life, made deeper through meditation, consciousness, and compassionate acts, our radiance makes itself known. Everything in our brand is handmade by artisans in India. We love empowering our artisans to tap into their creativity and experience the manifestation of their vision.

          from the blog

          • August 19, 2018 Experiencing the Inner Goddess and Embodying Her
            Experiencing the Inner Goddess and Embodying Her

            What does it mean to experience one’s inner goddess?  How do you embody the goddess?

            It may arise within you as if it were a morning sunrise or even a powerful wave crashing against the shore of the ocean with force — yet maintaining incredible grace and silence.  This is the divine feminine - one’s inner goddess. read more

          • August 14, 2018 Why Meditate?
            Why Meditate? Through the practice of meditation we are able to stabilize our nervous system, transcend thought patterns and limiting beliefs, which leads us to be in a more receptive state to experience our higher self. read more
          • June 22, 2018 Gemstone Of The week- Tourmaline
            Gemstone Of The week- Tourmaline The name “Tourmaline” is rooted in the Sinhalese word, ‘turamali,’ meaning “unknown gemstones of mixed colors.” Tourmaline is one of the few gemstones that evoke a genuine vibration of happiness and lightness of being. read more
          • April 15, 2018 Sacred Geometry: Sri Yantra
            Sacred Geometry: Sri Yantra

            SRI YANTRA is the most powerful, and celebrated of all tantric yantras. It is a representation of cosmic creation. Sri Yantra is formed by a 3 step Bhupura, 3 radius circle,  a circle of petaled lotuses and 2 interlocking sets of triangles... read more

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