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The Importance of Wearing Heavy Metals as a Yogi

<h1> The Importance of Wearing Heavy Metals as a Yogi <h1>

It is important as a yogi to have certain lifestyle rituals that support our practice when we are moving through the flow in everyday life.

Since the beginning of the Yogic teachings it has always been recommended to wear heavy metals as a bangle around the wrist ankle or upper arm as a support for grounding the energy which is invoked through the practice.

In Autobiography of a Yogi Chapter, 16 Sri Yukteshwar recommends that Yogananda wear a kriya bangle to offset negative karmic and planetary influences that may be coming his way.

In modern times, This bangle is known as the bangle of yogis and is made of 3 metals: pure gold, pure silver and pure copper representing the 3 currents of the spine Ida, Pingala and Sushumna .

Sri Yukteshwar created the specific formula in which way that they are mixed. This sacred information is handed down from yogic tradition and cannot be found everywhere.

Powerful in grounding us, the Kriya bangle is helpful in deflecting negative energies and astrological influences while supportive in keeping our aura strong, increasing concentration, focus, health and vitality.


The Kriya Bangle is a powerful tool especially when we are going deep in our meditation practice. It is recommended that the bangle be worn on the left wrist, or upper arm. 

The more we align with planetary energy the more support we gain through nature to live our fullest life.

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