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Astrological Gems: Rings & Bangles

All matter in the universe arises from the fundamental substrate called Prakriti, or nature. We are nature, nothing separates us from the planets, the earth, the tree, or the ocean then matter itself. Therefore all universal energy flows into our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Learning how to work with this energy can be a transformative experience as each planet has a certain energetic influence in our lives. The pieces from our Cosmic Collection are created with the intention to support our wearers in harmonizing with universal energies on a deeper level, supporting a more balanced, aligned way of being.

To schedule a reading with our in house Vedic Astrologer please email

All readings are done via Skype and cost $200 USD. Readings are 1.5 hours and include a personal sadhana invitationĀ  and gemstone recommendation based on the chart.