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About Us


Sattva means “whole, complete, truth and balance.” It is a way of living, a way of being.

The Sattva Collection is a conscious lifestyle jewelry brand created in Rishikesh, India, the birthplace of yoga. All of our gemstones are sourced from sacred locations in India. Each item in our collection is handmade by local artisans and blessed along the banks of the Ganges.

The inspiration behind our brand is to connect our wearers with their deepest souls wisdom, and empower them to live their most vibrant, expansive life when wearing our objects of beauty. Through an abundant life, made deeper through meditation, consciousness, and compassionate acts, our radiance makes itself known. Each 108-gemstone necklace is made with love and holds a special meaning that can have a profound positive impact on the wearer.

Our deep connection with India and other communities allow us to refresh our collection year-round, as we travel to teach yoga, learn, study, serve and visit old friends.

Our brand is blissfully rooted in integrated meditative practices, and it is our experience that the objects offered in our collection enrich and enhance, as well as adorn the conscious practice of meditation.

Our joy in creating The Sattva Collection brand is that we may inspire everyone we touch to experience the deep transformation, which is going on all around us and within us

Our brand is an invitation to arrive at your highest self—and we are on the journey with you.

US offices are located in Los Angeles, CA.


About Our Co-Founder Annemarie

As a yogini, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Annemarie is honored to create and nurture The Sattva Collection. 

Originally from Los Angeles, Annemarie has been living in Rishikesh, India since 2015. Here she is a lead teacher of yoga and meditation at Sattva Yoga Academy in the Himalayas. 

While spending time in India she was deeply inspired by all the beautiful, meaningful jewelry and handicrafts that artisans were making in the villages. An opportunity arose within Sattva Enterprises to co-create a conscious lifestyle brand: The Sattva Collection. 

Annemarie enjoys working one-on-one with the women artisans in Rishikesh on the jewelry design and traveling through India to collaborate with textile artisans. It's an act of love and devotion for all individuals who are involved. 

During the monsoon months, Annemarie travels globally sharing the collection at various events in places such as New Zealand, Europe, Australia and the United States. She finds great joy in awakening the goddess within women and the divine feminine within men, by merging the yogic teachings with the sacred pieces from the collection. 

Spending time with the Sattva Foundation and Khushi Project--the 2 non-profit organizations that The Sattva Collection gives a part of each sale to are hugely important to her and this work.