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Maharani Collection

The Maharani Collection was inspired by the elegant details contained within the Stairways and Archways of the palaces of Rajasthan, India. The intention of this curated collection of handmade dresses and skirts is to invoke your own regality, the queen within, when wearing our pieces.


All of our dresses are small batch, made with one of a kind block print patterns we custom designed in Rajasthan at a family owned business who have been handcrafting block print textiles for 4 generations. Each fabric hand picked, hand dyed and hand stitched with love and devotion to detail. 


Block printing is an ancient Indian technique used to create patterned textiles. First an artist creates a pattern and then it is carved out of high quality wood, which forms a stamp. Once the block is completed it is applied with natural dyes and then hand stamped onto the fabric. Our ethically sourced fabric is then washed and dried. This process is very time and labor intensive as every detail has to be carefully paid attention. As we watched our artisans create we could really feel their devotion to the work that they are doing.