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Dharma Pendants

Living a Dharmic Life: A Path to Fulfillment

Our Dharma Pendant Collection helps you align with your highest expression of Dharma based on your Vedic Rising Sign.

From the Vedic Astrology Perspective

Each rising sign has different gemstones which are recommended based on the signs, or rashis, that rule their 1st, 5th and 9th Houses which are also known  as the  Dharma Bhavas, or houses. These 3 of 12 houses hold the motivation of alignment with nature and are always considered supportive in one’s chart and so we recommend the gemstone that will draw more of this potential into one’s life. We want to accentuate the light.

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 Significance of the Houses:

1st House: The first place we look to strengthen is the ascendant. The Lagna is the physical being, it is you yourself. Your physiology, psychology, your over all nature.

 5th house: supports our relationships, education and creative gifts such as the ability to engage in healthy relationships, and our ability to teach, write. The 5th house contains the individual gifts we have to share, and so enlightening this house can draw those out. 

 9th house:  is the house of grace and wisdom. Strengthening this house can support one is aligning with dharma; action that is most evolutionary and in alignment with the beautiful laws of nature. 


Dharma Triangle 

Living a Dharmic life leads to true fulfillment and purpose. The Dharma Triangle teaches us that the primary duty of the soul is to evolve and grow, striving each day to become better individuals. Once we embark on this path, the secondary dharma becomes clearer, helping us recognise our purpose in each moment and fulfill the immediate needs of the present with grace and intention. The tertiary dharma involves understanding the unique expression the universe wants to manifest through us, tuning into the visions of nature as they arise and fulfilling these with elegance and authenticity.

By aligning with these teachings and wearing our Dharma Pendants, you are guided towards the path of fulfillment, helping you stay connected to your purpose and the deeper meanings of life.