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Discover Your Inner Divinity

Discover Your Inner Divinity
A game of life, from love to love ❤️

Ishta, derived from the Sanskrit word Ishwara, translates to a specific quality of being—the finest expression of the absolute. When we have the capacity to awaken the highest potential of the Self, we perceive life through a sublime lens. The values of various entities serve as pathways to access our own finest potential. These entities, viewed as celestial archetypes, enable us to enliven the innate qualities associated with them, thereby facilitating our personal evolution. Ganesha translates to wisdom, auspiciousness, expansion. Lakshmi the mother of abundance and opportunities whereas, Kali the mother that forces one out of their slumber and low states.

We are inherently designed to live fulfilled and abundant lives. Yet, despite this natural law, the manuscript with the rules of the game isn’t readily available. However, each of us has the potential to access creative intelligence at our own pace, with sincerity and discipline, ultimately leading to devotion.

Disciple is devotion to Self.

Devotion, from a standpoint of unity within and without, allows us to truly access the innate qualities of various Ishtas from a higher value. This quality of Deva, or celestial entity, becomes a personal experience for every individual, not anchored to “the idea of God or any other being”, but reflecting the finest experience of the sacred within each individual. This inner sacredness emerges when one is deeply committed to growth and takes the right actions for their evolution.

In this state, we make our own rules and take quantum leaps through the game of life, showing up with presence and full capacity, fulfilling the need of the moment. The experience of Ishta or the celestial value radiates luminously from the inside out.

We realize that the experiencer is the experience, and the dancer is the dance. Our perspective and capacity for connection, abundance, and all manifestations become personal experiences that transcend to the eminent.

Living from love to love, the game of life transforms into the most enriching journey.

For the only journey is the one within.

Are you ready to quantum leap inward and upward?

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