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How Do You Feel When Wearing Your Sri Yantra?

<h1>How Do You Feel When Wearing Your Sri Yantra?</h1>

How Do You Feel Wearing Your Sri Yantra?

The Sri Yantra – “mother of all yantras,” a beautiful representation of all creation – is a sacred geometric diagram formed by nine different triangles. These triangles interlock and radiate from the center dot outward, representing the point of infinity/totality – the masculine and the feminine uniting as one.  I often refer to the Sri Yantra as a golden chariot that leads one inside the essence of being.  It is the universe in abstract form, the material nature; in other words, the Divine Mother -- who holds the power which creates, sustains, and dissolves everything that there is to experience.  Because of this, the Sri Yantra gives us a powerful representation of the divine feminine within ourselves.  As a young woman who is invariably cultivating her own Shakti nature, wearing an expression of the Sri Yantra symbol, as a Gold pendant, invokes the own divine feminine I have within me, to rise.

Throughout the last couple of years, I have found myself holding back from my creative and compelling nature. Instead of empowering and expressing myself honestly, without fear, I held back.  I avoided creating space for allowing the best version of who I could be living as, to emerge.  On a mildly hot afternoon, as I stood in a yoga gathering in my community at home, I immersed myself amongst a group of people that were brilliantly shining their light outward in such a manner I had never become aware of before. The way they spoke, sang, danced, and moved flowed like an infinite body of water. It seemed that the universe was expressing itself right through them – and I knew deep down, that it indeed was.  What I gained from these experiences was a movement forward to waking up and realizing my infinite potential in being. The Sri Yantra pendant is powerful in the way that it serves as a reminder of the immense courage, inspiration, awareness, willingness, and illuminating wisdom that lies throughout every inch of our being. 

 Whenever one wears these precious gems or metals, they become charged with the energy that one carries - the energy that one wants to manifest.  When I bought my pendant, near the end of my yoga teacher training, the substantial relationship I had with what it represents, began to intensify. I became aware of this during yoga classes, meditations, and especially while swimming in the sacred waters of the Ganga river.  The relation I had to the Sri Yantra began to expand in all directions. My eyes soon spotted elements everywhere I went in nature that would resemble the Sri Yantra; such as the petals of a pink rose falling outward.  I would see it on the outer layer of a rock, or sometimes in the form that the trees took from afar on the mountain's surface.  A mosaic made of broken stone on the streets of India would portray a geometric pattern of the same constitution as the Sri Yantra.  All of this would draw a closeness and humbleness in my heart.  During these moments, without thought interfering, my palms moved towards my own Sri Yantra pendant that hangs right over my Anāhata chakra.

When I wear my pendant, a sensation of empowerment floods through me. I don’t see it as something that I materially need, but a unique and sacred piece of precious jewelry that I can wear with grace and serenity.  A divine ornament decorating the heart of the Goddess inside - a gem that holds its value and presence within me wherever it is that I go.  



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Healing with Gems: Gemstone of the Week Amethyst

Healing with Gems: Gemstone of the Week Amethyst


The beautiful violet stone, Amethyst, belongs to the quartz family. It is associated with the crown chakra for its color and connection on a spiritual level. This stone aids in achieving spiritual goals, becoming in tune with your inner self, and strengthens psychic abilities. It purifies the mind and can be used as a natural stress-reliever.


It is also a protective stone -- it is able to rid the body of unwanted feelings that may be caused by negative emotions. In order to observe its effects, it is best to place amethyst in a space that needs purification and the elimination of negative energy. It aids in good communication due to its sense of calming and confidence it provides. Amethyst also strengthens intuition, so placing this stone in an office or workspace will assist in tough decision-making and will relieve stress at work! When placed in a bedroom, insomnia can be resolved due to amethyst’s ability to calm and impose stillness.


In Greek, the word “amethyst” translates to “not drunken.” This is commonly used as evidence for its ability to break unhealthy addictions, like alcoholism and drug-abuse.  Amethyst’s nature is to dispel negative energy, mental and physical, and can be used in ways that promote physical health. For example, it has the ability to support the immune system in battles against sickness. By promoting a sense of tranquility and stillness, it is also a perfect meditation aid that assists in the calming of one’s thoughts.


If you need a stone that is going to assist in altering and balancing your spirituality, intuition, or state of consciousness, then amethyst is right for you! It is a spiritual helper that can be used to protect, heal, and aid in sleep and meditation. It brings a deeper sense of peace, wisdom, and heightened spirituality.


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