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Look to the Supermoon

Look to the Supermoon

Syncing to Mother Moon



Wherever you may be at this very moment, you are connected to powerful earthly and celestial forces.


The moon is one of these great gravitational forces that keeps our planet and bodies synchronously connected.  The moon control’s the tide of our oceans, influences our sleep patterns, the female menstrual cycle and has even inspired ancient cultural rituals and calendars.


The new moon, the first phase of the moon, marks a time for renewal.  As it waxes, increasing in fullness through the month, so too, can your spiritual practices and personal intentions. In the Hindu culture, the day of the new moon is called, Amayasya. It is devoted to fasting and discarding old habits.  Imagine the ‘weight’ you could shed each cycle if you began the new moon by cleansing yourself of the old, tired habits and begin manifesting your own truth. We are called to do this in different ways.


Your energy will begin to shift during the expression of the full moon.  The intensity can be overwhelming for some and it is important to let yourself be ignited by the lunar shift. Pay attention to your movement both spiritually and physically and allow yourself to witness adjustments in your attitude, it could be the change you were looking for. On the flip side, if you are clinging to the present and avoiding change, remember the moon has a monthly cycle for great reasons and you too are metamorphosing in just the right way. Ask yourself the hard questions under the full moon, this is your time to confront the desires that lie within you.


The waning moon is three to seven days after the full moon and is lit halfway by the sun, quietly decreasing in luminosity.  During the waning moon, settle any disputes that may be lingering and make amends with those who cause tension in your life.  There is a creative consciousness you can tap into underneath this moon’s dimming light. It calls for effort as you nourish ideas and reveal them in action.


You, like the moon, are moving with mother earth’s transition. This cycle reminds us we are never stuck, there are always choices in our lives, and sometimes the micro movements of these practices can lead to monumental growth down the road.  


Channel the moon’s energy





Chandra is a lunar deity in Hindu, representing the inner light of the mind.  The brilliance that we each carry within us gives us the ability to see the light in others and during the new moon and full moon are two powerful times of the month to focus inward on our light and create space for others in order to invite collaboration and action-oriented goal setting.


Yogini gatherings are powerful ay any time and especially under the fullness of the full moon. Bringing your female warriors together actually magnifies your manifestations and allows for greater abundance to procure between your collaborative energies.  Invite your girlfriends over for group meditation and joining in calm exchanges of plans to renew yourselves this full moon. This is a good time to talk about any new ideas you have been having but need a safe space to discuss them openly, giving them a chance to grow under the moonlit sky.



Write it Out


I strongly believe in the power of the pen and for this exercise I would encourage stream of consciousness expression. I find that the deep desires and honesty can come out when you detach from the concrete ideas of order, so let your writing instrument be guided by the influx of passion, fears and emotion ready to be released!  After 20-30 minutes of expression you can reflect on what has developed on the page and spend some more time in the morning, as the moon is still robust with light to expound upon what ideas and insight you have uncovered.



Yogic Expression


Allow your mind and body to be receptive of the inner tide the moon has influence over.  Make room for yourself under the sky on a rooftop, patio, mountain side, in the desert sand or ocean enclave.  Focus on nothing but the reflective light between you and Chandra. Practice yoga if it calls to you, finding a flow that is intuitive to your body at that very moment and allow your heart to reach closer to the ground in adho mukha svanasana (downward dog).  Continue your movement through a calming flow that leads you upright into tadasana (mountain pose) with arms outstretched.  Channel the light of the moon directly into your being as you breathe ever so deeply into this moment you are reclaiming as your own.


The full moon is notorious for arousing wild antics in both animals and humans. Whether these can be tied to the moon or not it is a radical time to allow your kundalini (primal energy) to flow freely!  Let your body guide your limbs as the mind watches in delight.  The release will open up your crown chakra and clarity will begin to take on physical forms in your life moving forward.  


To take full advantage of this remarkable natural event allow space for your intentions this month to become fully realized by opening to one or more of these practices under the full moon. Enjoy and embrace the prolific changes!

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