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To Be A Yogini

To Be A Yogini




I felt inspired to share this wisdom by Yogini Shambavi about what it means to be a Yogini. It is important as a woman to understand the depths of our creative power when we are committed deeply to our practice and spiritual evolution…we can expand together by invoking the divine grace from the goddess.

True Meaning of a Yogini:

-yogini shambavi

Just as a Goddess blesses and benefits her devotees, and the Shakti vivifies all biological, cultural, and religious practices, so a woman can channel this life force or spiritual energy to her consort-devotee. A woman is no more depleted by providing this spiritual nourishment than a mother by nursing her child. In fact, it causes deeper energies to well up from within her.

The Goddess is a great Yogini, devoted to Shiva, yet matching His powers. She is the embodiment of pure energy, the Mother and matrix of all manifestation, the source of all time, space and creation. As they practiced Yoga together, Shakti accepted Shiva as her Guru, and he taught her the ways of transcendent being to guide her to her ultimate liberation. Shiva in turn also accepted Shakti as his Guru, and she initiated him into his ultimate liberation through putting him in touch with the supreme power of consciousness.

To be a Yogini is the highest spiritual goal for all women. It is the way to become one with the Goddess within and to bring her out in expression to uplift the world that is really her creation. Yet it is not an outer appearance but a state of inner energy and ecstasy that makes the Yogini. She is an awakened woman with exuberant passion, spiritual connection and insight. She communicates a sense of freedom, a sheer mastery in what she does.  She cannot be manipulated, defined or even ever entirely known.


Jai Ma






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