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Sri Yantra Japa Mala- Pink Coral & Pearl

$ 270.00

Sri Yantra Japa Mala- Pink Coral & Pearl

$ 270.00

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Invoke the qualities of Sri Yantra, totally filled life, cosmic creativity, consciousness and the blessings of the goddess Lakshmi. 

Malas are a tool for meditation, it can be worn around the neck, held in the hands and used for mantra meditation.  It is recommended to chant a mantra 108 times placing the index or middle finger and thumb over one gemstone with each repetition of the mantra in order to experience the desired intention of the mantra. 

Handmade by women in Rishikesh, India

-Copper stamped pendant

-108 pink coral with pearl gemstones

-Wear Pink Coral to increase vitality, staying power, devotion, flow of shakti, planet Mars

-Pearl connects us to the sacred feminine, moon energy grace, intuition

Part of each sale goes to support village women and children in India