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Meditation Art- Lotus Spiritual Eye Light Sculpture

$ 660.00

Meditation Art- Lotus Spiritual Eye Light Sculpture

$ 660.00

A light sculpture for meditation, whose shape and colours recall the soul's inner journey towards the portal of cosmic consciousness:

- The outer golden ring recalls the astral world (OM)

- The deep blue background represents the causal world, the Christ Consciousness (TAT)

- The silver star is the portal to the Absolute Spirit (SAT)

The Master, Paramhansa Yogananda,* affirms:

"When the Yogi concentrates long enough with his eyes half-closed at the point between his eyebrows, and when his gaze is without any restless movement, he will be able to see a steady light surrounded by other flickering lights.



* Author of the "Autobiography of a Yogi".


To activate the power of the yantra:

Chant the OM TAT SAT mantra 108 times, as soon as the yantra is hung on the wall. It is considered auspicious to repeat this practice regularly.

The ideal location for this light sculpture is the place of meditation, or a sacred space. The best position is on a wall facing north or east.

Each piece is individually hand-decorated by the artist with the greatest care, ensuring that the energy the yantra transmits is of its fullest potential, bringing maximum benefit to the space in which it is displayed. Since each piece is handmade by the artist, it is possible to place personalised orders and choose different colours and sizes.

Measurements and materials: diameter 60cm, 85, 160 ; . Developed on four levels of carved wood and metal; with acrylic moulding and LED lights; gold plating, crafted and decorated by hand. Complete with 3mt cable, dimmer -switch and transformer-plug


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