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Meditation Art- Blue Sri Yantra Light Sculpture

$ 420.00

Meditation Art- Blue Sri Yantra Light Sculpture

$ 420.00

Blue Sri Yantra Light Sculpture

The Sri Yantra represents the eternal, cosmic dance of creation and dissolution - a marriage of the underlying male and female principal energies throughout all of creation.

This handmade Light Sculpture invokes the following qualities in your space:

  • Creative Energy
  • Order
  • Happiness
  • Prosperity
  • Health

The Sri Yantra is probably the most well-known and most popular of all Yantras. It represents the cosmic energy of “Shakti” (the five downward pointing triangles), in communion with Shiva (the four upward pointing triangles), the Absolute. It signifies the eternal cosmic dance; a merging of the Lover with the Beloved. With a focused mind, place your attention on the central point of light and perhaps the Yantra will reveal itself to you.

Materials: Built on five levels of carved wood with LED lights, painted and shaped by hand with gold plating. Complete with 3mt of cable, dimmer-switch, and transformer-plug.

*Because each piece is individually hand-crafted by the artist, you can custom order this Light Sculpture by choosing different colors or sizes (as large as 150 meter or 3.2 feet). Contact us for more information about custom orders.

Sizes available

35cm – 7cm depth

50cm- 9cm depth

100cm- 13cm depth

120cm- 15cm depth

International Shipping Rates will be quoted once payment has been made and an additional invoice will be sent for that amount. They are higher then our standard rate and is based on the size sculpture you choose. If you would like yo know in advance before purchasing please email us for a shipping quote.