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Our Malas are hand-made and hand-knotted in Rishikesh, India, birthplace of yoga and meditation. A Mala is a treasure and a classic companion to fruitful meditation. A Mala always consists of 108 beads, because the number 108 has many important meanings. However, not every 108-bead strand is a Mala. Because our items are all hand-made, the finished length will vary. Please contact us for details.

The Mala is meant to be held close to the body during meditation, guided by mantra, breath and stillness.

Many Malas finish with what is called a Guru bead, or a large central bead. Other Malas are spaced with rondels or other stations, which often group sequences of nine precious or semi-precious gemstone beads, arranged to represent the 9 major planets.

A Mala is made with the intention of enabling us to go beyond the chatter of the mind into stillness, into self-mastery, through our meditation practice.

As with all of our jewelry, the Sattva Collection Stones used to make our Malas are consciously sourced, natural, unheated, and are not dyed or enhanced in any way.