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Gemstone Of The week- Tourmaline

Gemstone Of The week- Tourmaline



              The name “Tourmaline” is rooted in the Sinhalese word, ‘turamali,’ meaning “unknown gemstones of mixed colors.” Tourmaline is one of the few gemstones that evoke a genuine vibration of happiness and lightness of being, as shown by its variety of different colors. There is a tourmaline stone associated with every chakra:  Black Tourmaline (Root chakra), Orange Tourmaline (Sacral chakra), Yellow Tourmaline (Solar Plexus chakra), Pink Tourmaline (Heart chakra), Green Tourmaline (Heart chakra), Blue Tourmaline (Throat and Third Eye chakra), Purple Tourmaline (Third Eye and Crown chakra), etc.


              Tourmaline will bring you delight, peace of mind, fulfillment, and emotional stability. It is a stone that protects against negative energies and vibrations, and turns them into positive, uplifting ones. It cleanses auras and brings you to a place of more light. Tourmaline can be used when needing insight or balance in life after difficult situations. Tourmaline gathers and transmits universal energy; use tourmaline to help achieve enlightenment.


              Fears are overcome, and positivity is invoked, with this powerful stone. Awareness and communication is increased. The blood, lymph nodes, and nervous system are strengthened. It assists in the healing of skin disorders. Use tourmaline If you suffer from headaches and migraines.


              This stone is great for helping with commitment and finding effective solutions to problems. Tourmaline is a stone of release; release of the past, built-up emotions, and things that no longer serve you. It aids in healing a broken heart and emotional wounds. With this awareness and letting go, love will be able to permeate through you and help you transform your love life. It helps with listening, understanding, asking for forgiveness, and making a change, especially when it comes to relationships.  Tourmaline will build your inner strength and unite your heart, mind, and spirit in love and devotion.


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