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Meditation Art- Sun Yantra Light Sculpture

$ 540.00

Meditation Art- Sun Yantra Light Sculpture

$ 540.00

Sun Yantra (Surya) Light Sculpture,

This gorgeous Sun Yantra Light Sculpture is a beautiful tool to enhance following qualities in your Life and space:


  • High Energy
  • Authority
  • Self esteem
  • Success

In Vedic (Indian) Astrology the planets are considered to be the agents of our karmas. This seeds of our past actions hide as blockages (vrittis, samskaras, vasanas) in our Astral spine. In the larger scale of things, they correspond with the movements of the stars and planets. 

It is understood that certain geometries and colors (Yantras) correspond with the energies of the planets "inside out" as well as Mantras (sound frequencies) and Gemstones.

Yantras are tools to enhance a certain frequency in our spaces and lives.


It is a nice and appropriate way to install a Yantra with a little ceremony honoring the divine energy it represents. this usually is done with chanting the one of the affiliate Mantras while meditating with calm and receptive mind and heart on the geometry and especially the central point of Light (Bindu):

OM SUM Suryaye namaha.

Sum is one of the Bija, root mantras of the Sun. You will find OM SUM in-cut and backlit in the ancient Sanskrit language around the 4 sides of the Yantra.

Materials: Built on 5 levels of carved wood, metal, with LED lights, transformer plug and dimmer, painted and shaped by hand with gold plating. Size:  45cm/18" diameter,  9 cm/4" depth.

*Because each piece is individually hand-crafted by the artist, you can custom order this Light Sculpture by choosing different colors or sizes (as large as 1 meter or 3.2 feet). Contact us for more information about custom orders.

Sizes 45cm, 9cm depth

           70cm - 12cm depth

International Shipping Rates will be quoted once payment has been made and an additional invoice will be sent for that amount. They are higher then our standard rate and is based on the size sculpture you choose. If you would like yo know in advance before purchasing please email us for a shipping quote.