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Yashoda Devi Ma

Yashoda Devi Ma is the founder of Cosmic Women's Tribe.  She is an expert of Vedic Meditation, Sattva Yoga and a Lifestyle Consultant. Her life passion lies in facilitating healing transformation in mind/body, evolution of consciousness, going beyond thought and providing the tools for those to truly become a Master of their mind.  She has studied yoga and meditation in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas for the past decade. She has trained and studied under Vedic Masters Anand Mehrotra (founder of Sattva Yoga) who was born and raised in Rishikesh, India - the birthplace of yoga and Thom Knoles 'Maharishi Vyasananda' (Vedic Meditation/Nishkam Karma Yoga) who is a world renowned Vedic Master of 40 years who studied under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.  


Sattva Yoga is a holistic, ever-evolving practice that combines asana, pranayama, meditation, kriya and wisdom.  Vedic Meditation and Nishkam Karma Yoga is the union of individual and cosmic aspects of oneself (Yoga) attained by (Nishkam Karma) action hardly done, that is, "done" with effortlessness, faintness [subtlety], and non-attachment, these three being Vedic Meditations technique of mantra use. The foundation of Yashoda's teachings is to attain the most natural, simple, innocent and effortless approach to meditation, yoga, correcting of the intellect and living life.  


Yashoda studied Psychology/English at Western Oregon University. Later becoming a Fitness Expert and Lifestyle Consultant in Beverly Hills, Ca for 13 years.  She worked with physical therapists, chiropractors, doctors, celebrities, etc.  She is certified in STOTT Pilates, AFFA, ACSM, NASM, and EatWize. 


After working with body, fitness for more than a decade professionally she transferred her passion of 'transformation of body' to 'transformation of consciousness' through using the tools of Vedic Meditation and Sattva Yoga.  Her training includes:  Thom Knoles 108-day residential Vedic Meditation teacher-training program in India, numerous, Rounding Retreats, Veda Course, Mastering the Siddhi's Program, Recognizing God Course, New Mexico Kundalini Women's Camp, Warrior of Wisdom Training, 300 hour Sattva Yoga certification, and living in India/US with her Guru's as well as completing pilgrimages to four of the sacred peaks in the Himalayas (Badrinath, Tungnath, Kedarnath, Valley of the Flowers, Hemkund). 


Yashoda has also taught at Yoga Festivals, facilitates workshops internationally and has been hired to travel the world personally with private clients for retreats and one-on-one guidance into a deeper practice.