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Tracy Jennings-Hill

Tracy is the Founder of Liv Ur Yoga in Atlanta, GA. Tracy came to yoga because of an injury while in the Air Force over 20 years ago.  After trying physical therapy and medications with no success, she found Yoga was what she needed and eventually wanted it in her life forever.  Every time she thought of walking away, another milestone in her life solidified her place as a Yogi.  

Since then, she has followed her heart and not only completed her own training, but became a Senior Master Trainer for YogaFit. Traveling all over the United States, Taiwan, Germany, Egypt and Canada to train teachers to teach yoga has been the highlight of her yoga journey because she knows it's her dharma—giving the gift of transformation, empowerment and growth. Being a yoga teacher changed her life forever for the better and each day it's the same gift she strives to give to everyone!


Instagram: @tracyofliveuryoga