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Corrin Vecchitto

Corrin Vecchitto is a Master Teacher Trainer from Sattva Yoga Academy in the base of the Himalayas in Rishikesh, India.  She is also a Holistic Healer, Vedic Astrologer, Meditation Initiator, Conscious Event Organizer & Pediatric RN.  She has lived in India for the last four years training students to become teachers on this integrated path of yoga. 

The practice that she teaches is a complete practice of yoga, Sattva Yoga, meaning that it isn't an on the mat or off the mat practice.  She lives yoga, taking the teachings and applying them to ALL aspects of life.  The practice is alive and ever-evolving filled with wisdom and kriya coming from the Yog-Vedantic teachings of the Himalayas and her Master, Anand Mehrotra.  Corrin has taken and taught over 30 YTT courses, retreats, Master Trainings, and Modules over the years. 

Corrin is always a student and teacher at the same time as she feels immense gratitude and honor to be a part of the golden chain of students and teachers.  Corrin now calls Maui and India home as she lives part of the year in both locations.  Life is magical and so are you, and that is the message that she is here to remind you of.  Corrin has yearly retreats on Maui with one in August 2020, a new House of Healing & Living Integrated Center on Maui, HI called Sita Ma's Sattva Home Maui and gives personal sessions, readings, and courses through One Root Seven Branches, her holistic healing organization.

Country: USA; Hawaii

Instagram: onerootsevenbranches / sitamassattvahomemaui